Game Spotlight: Ore: The Mining Game

This year at Huzzah! you will have the opportunity to check out a new and exciting board game that was recently recognized at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.  Designers Jason Lyle Steingisser and Joe McClintock will be on hand to run the game, talk about its development, and future plans.   This game will run in the Saturday afternoon session at Huzzah!, from 2:00-6:00PM.  Check out the latest from the designers of Ore: The Mining Game below.

Wargaming Recon Podcast 112 Covers Huzzah!


Jonathan of Wargaming Recon podcast fame was recently good enough to sit with Dean Emmerson to discuss Huzzah!  Conversation ranged from stories of how the Maine Historical Wargamers Association formed and decided to hold a convention, why our focus on historical gaming, and the expansion into board gaming, various clubs and GMs throughout the region who have contributed to the convention- and the list goes on.  Check it out when time allows!

Wargaming Recon #112

Game Spotlight: Advanced Civilization at Huzzah!


Patrick Rael will be running this fabulous “fancy” edition of Advanced Civilization at Huzzah! 2014.  Have you registered?  Be sure to register soon if you want to get into this game that will run during the Saturday afternoon AND evening sessions.  Register here.

Room Reservations Still Available at Days Inn Next Door


Okay, it’s official. We have no more room at the inn. The DoubleTree Portland, our convention host, is out of rooms at the discounted rate! Registrations and reservations are way up, which is a good problem to have.

If you need a place to stay, try the Days Inn. It is just across an empty lot from the convention, probably a four minute walk? Rooms are between $79.99 and $89.99 a night for two doubles.

Days Inn 

Bill Gray Donates Age of Honor Sets to Huzzah!


Huzzah! Bill Gray has sent us three copies of his Age of Honor rules for fighting battles of the Lace Wars period! In addition to the rules, he was good enough to include CDs of support materials, and even a “test drive” CD for the Russo-Japanese War. [Read more...]

Loyalhanna Outpost Donates to Huzzah!


Keith at Loyalhanna Outpost has donated four packs of terrific FIW miniatures from Galloping Major Miniatures!  These are the new Anglo-American Militia packs, firing and command, with a “special” figure added into the batch.   [Read more...]

Iron Ivan Donates to Huzzah!


Keith Stine of Iron Ivan has donated a great selection of wargaming rules to the ticket auction at Huzzah! 2014.  He has even included copies of the latest set, Altar of Freedom; Grand Tactical Battles In The American Civil War.  You can read more about these new rules at the Iron Ivan Games web page.

Keith has been supporting Huzzah! since our first convention back in 2010.



Registration is now open!


Registration for Huzzah! 2014 has opened.  Over 100 games have been submitted to be played so there is sure to be something of interest to most everyone.  This is our largest selection of games to be offered at Huzzah! to date.

Miniatures games, board games, tournaments, vendors, auction, and great, great people.  Come join the fun.  Thanks for being a part of Huzzah! 2014


MSD Games, Vendor AND Sponsor at Huzzah! 2014

L46M - MSD Logo2-1

Last year MSD Games was able to join Huzzah! for the first time, and we are delighted to share with everyone that they are coming back for 2014!  Not only that, Marty emailed us recently to share that they would be making a donation to the ticket auction to support the show, and our outreach effort. [Read more...]

Game Submissions Update

Submissions for miniatures games have now been closed!  I’m not sure that we’ve ever filled our gaming sessions as early as this, which is great news.  There is still room for a few board gaming submissions, but those will soon close as well.  Thanks to everyone for offering to run games, and for getting them into the system early.  Huzzah!

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