Ross Macfarlane Posts About Huzzah! 2014

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Ross MacFarlane has returned to his home in Nova Scotia after spending the weekend with us at Huzzah!  You can read about his games and thoughts on the convention in his latest blog post.

Battle Game of The Month

Huzzah! 2014; it’s a wrap


The hall is empty and everyone has gone home but it was another great year at Huzzah!  We enjoyed three fabulous days of gaming with friends, and all the fun that goes with it.  Thanks to everyone for their contribution, no matter how big or how small, they all added up to an exceptional time.  Enjoy your much deserved rest, and then we’ll begin talking about next year!

Here is a link to photos of the convention.

Flea Market Info for Huzzah! 2014


Yes, there is always a flea market at Huzzah!  It’s more like a bazaar actually.  Any paid attendee is welcome to grab a table and set up, starting at about 10:30AM Sunday morning.  There is no additional fee.  You may have to share a table, and you are certainly responsible for your own products and table watching. [Read more…]

Thomas Gunn Donates to Ticket Auction


Thomas Gunn Miniatures has donated six prepainted collectible toy soldiers from their Napoleonic line to the Huzzah! ticket auction!  Most are from their British Rifles, with one French Imperial Guard to take them on.  Check out the photos below.  Thanks to Tom for his continued support of the show! [Read more…]

Karwansaray Donates Subscriptions


Jasper of Karwansaray publications has notified me that they will be donating three magazine subscriptions for the ticket auction at Huzzah!  Karwansaray publishes Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare and Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazines.  Thanks to Jasper for his continued support of the convention.

Wargames Illustrated Subscription Donated


Wargames Illustrated continues to support Huzzah! in 2014 by donating a year-long subscription to their magazine for one lucky winner at the ticket auction!  Thanks to Wayne Bollands, Editor, for offering this prize for the convention.

Miniature Building Authority Prizes for Huzzah!


Today we received a box filled with prizes for the convention ticket auction!  Prepainted and ready for the gaming table, these buildings and accessories from MBA would look great with YOUR miniatures.  MBA has been a supporter of Huzzah! and the outreach effort of the MHWA for several years.  Thanks to Kirk and the gang at MBA!

Historical Highlights in the Board Game Room


The board game room will be in full swing this year with more than twice as many scheduled games over last year.  Every table has been pre-scheduled for Friday and Saturday with some tables open for pickup games on Sunday.

Not only will there be many great Euro, strategy and thematic games, but several notable historically-based board games as well:  A wood-block edition of Avalon Hill’s Advanced Civilization, the hard to find Axis & Allies: Anniversary Edition, and the recently released Guns of Gettysburg: Anniversary Edition by Bowen Simmons, the creator of Napoleon’s Triumph.

Read more below to see the historical highlights happening in the board game room at this year’s Huzzah!

[Read more…]

Dr. Fischer Game Tests, “Charlie Don’t Surf,” for Huzzah!


Mike Fischer has been busy preparing his convention game, Incursion in Quang Ngai 1967, which will run Saturday afternoon in the 2:00-6:00PM session.  He’ll be using the Two Fat Lardies’ rules, Charlie Don’t Surf.  The game is to be played in 6mm, and his tabletop looks great.  You can read all about it in a series of posts on his blog, Dr. Fischer’s Game Night.

Jim Day Donates Prizes to Huzzah!


Once again Jim Day has kindly sponsored Huzzah! with the donation of of prizes for our ticket auction.  This year Jim has been good enough to donate a copy of his ACW naval combat board game, Iron and Oak, along with a copy of C3i magazine, that has additional resources for the game.  These will be awarded as a set to one lucky attendee! [Read more…]

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